One morning I found myself standing and watching the view from my veranda, waiting for answers and thinking what’s next? Then suddenly the idea of a lifestyle blog flashes by which is the reason you are able to read this today. 

Let’s start from the beginning...

Years ago, I was the girl laughing about the idea of going vegan… “yeah right, I could never do that”, I used to say to myself and my close vegan friend. Now that I look back, it wasn’t the idea that I was afraid of, it was more of the thought that I had no idea what the lifestyle was all about. It was the unknown to me and in all honesty, I was scared and afraid of what my life would be like, after all I was and still am a social butterfly and going out with friends for a few drinks and dinner is something I enjoy doing. Going vegan back then, to me, meant giving up all that...which in itself was a major let down.
I always say that “opinions made with little knowledge narrows the mind” and unfortunately little knowledge and a narrowed mind is what I had. Without realising it, my health was going downhill, I felt mentally drained, I felt physically unfit and disappointed with myself, with what I had become, with who I was. I was so disappointed that every morning I would cry about it. Most weekend I would banish myself to the couch and sleep because I was so depressed that I didn’t want to go out. I had no energy and had completely lost myself. 

Being overweight, unfit and depressed just wasn’t me. I mean, after all I wasn’t born that way. Fronted with reality, I had a choice to make… it was either continue to be that person I had become or regain the real me back. I needed to do something drastic, not allow myself to think of any excuses as to why I couldn’t do it, why it wouldn’t work. I was not going to continue to be the person that I was unable to look at, it was a decision where I had to forget about the many reasons for not doing it, and listen to the one reason why I should… I had nothing to lose. Overnight I became a vegan.  
It was the 9thof March 2017 when I gifted myself the best present anyone could ever gift themselves. I made a promise to myself that I would never harm my body again and that I would truly love it for what it was.

With little knowledge of what I was doing, I reached out to my good friend who was also vegan and thankfully through him I started learning. He firstly sent me links to four documentaries I needed to watch;

• Cowspiracy
• What the health 
• Earthlings
• Forks over knives 

Then he told me to visit which I found very helpful with different recipes and cooking ideas. The website provided me with a shopping list that can be used in Coles and Woolworths called “Accidently Vegan”. I also made the time to watch other documentaries and do some research of my own.
This wasn’t my first attempt at going vegan...10 years prior, I remember buying a book called “skinny bitch”. After reading the book, I unfortunately developed an eating disorder. I’m not blaming the book, I blame myself for not doing my research and with little knowledge, jumping onto a skinny craze with an obsession in becoming a skinny housewife. 

Obviously, that attempt was unsuccessful, and I ended up having to visit the doctor on many occasions. Going vegan just for the sake of being skinny was a bad idea to begin with and for all the wrong reasons. That’s why this time around it had to be different. I needed to do this properly and nourish my body with all the right nutrients and if that meant that weight loss and regaining myself back took time, then that’s what it was going to be. Becoming vegan was a lifestyle change…this time I was ready and I was going to succeed. 

Ready and eager, I started to learn more and change started to happen...But it was slow. My face got thinner, clothes started to fit better and most importantly…I had energy, lots of energy. All the sudden the girl who was on the verge of taking depression medication was feeling great.
Many people see veganism as a way of getting healthier and that’s how I saw it to begin with however without realising it there was more to veganism. Not only did veganism give me my life back but it is also giving life to the future planet by reducing environmental impacts on Earth, it gives life to animals that get slaughtered and exploited every day to be used for human consumption. It also gave me the compassion and the knowledge to view things differently. 

Please don’t think that by me going vegan made me hate and dislike everyone else that wasn’t because I don’t. I now understand how hard it is for some to understand and to even make the change. However, I’ve been there, and I made it through. Is becoming vegan and making the lifestyle change hard? No it isn’t. However, you need to be ready, you need to want that change, you need to want to have the ability to view things differently and most importantly be open minded to new beginnings.
Being ready is what makes the difference and its ok if you aren’t, however I encourage you to ask questions, to think about the type of health and lifestyle you want to have. Are you happy? Do you feel complete? Are you the best version of you? 

If those answers are no then perhaps change is what you need.  Maybe that change is Veganism…It may not be today but maybe in the near future. 

Remember, my journey started with health but today if you ask me why vegan? My response would be “because I’m an animal lover and I hate the thought of hurting them. I also have two boys and I want them and my future grandchildren to have a clean liveable planet. From living a healthy and well balance lifestyle I have gained the added bonus of a better and more balanced mind and body.”
Veganism was my gain, it gave me the best version of me back, it also gave my children their mother back and my husband gained back the person he fell in love with.

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