My dread release is symbolic to shedding old cycles, endings//renewals, transformations, alot of on-going healing, growth, learning and ascending.
I've lost more than a few friends that decided to leave this world ..and everyone I know has also lost loved ones by this eternal escapism. I feel a huge part of this tragedy in Aotearoa is due to a lack of support, awareness, also stigmatism.. fears of being judged, feeling like a burden, feeling weak, embarrassed etc etc. Youth especially, all find ways to escape pain and avoid whichever realities we all face. Past or new traumas if not dealt with can cause serious harm to ones soul, heart, persona, attitude, mindset and most of all mental health, which can affect one's whole inner world to outer world, present/and future. I have been inside those dark places since I can remember.. there has been several times I have attempted to leave this world from very young.and those times were when I thought it would better without me ..or I just really wanted to escape the situations or thoughts etc. But also mostly - I got to that point bc I kept it to myself, I isolated, I didn't have the understandings/safe spaces to open up for the kind of support needed.
Therefore I feel I completely understand every layer of it all.

It's important to have empathy, compassion, and to hold space for those that feel so down they need to escape. Being thoughtful and considerate that we all have different levels and worlds inside. Bc at the time when you're stuck or lost sometimes you really can't see any way out or any hope of light even though you ALWAYS have a choice to heal or find ways to cope w whatever you got going on.
I personally have been working on recognizing my patterns, cycles, downfalls, high and low points and have created mechanisms that work for me. I observe and check up on myself, and whenever I'm at certain stages within my mental health I always have a plan in place incase I need it. I'm not always successful, but I'm here, I'm learning, open and doing my best. We all have different things going on inside and so it's important to be able to identify and recognize how to know & care for yourself.

..On top of past & current life etc I also deal with things like PTSD & Anxiety.
Which has ocassionally resulted in depression. Luckily I usually manage to get out of that when it comes to take me away.. mostly bc I maintain my health all round as much as I can w/ what I have.
I have grown so much since becoming actively aware and hopeful within these spaces, being honest, accepting, open, sharing, caring and speaking up.. and I am nervous and excited for everything the universe can provide ~
given I put effort of my vibes out into the world
to love and heal myself 
so others can ascend and bloom too. 

if you wanna find me online this is the only place I am ~

Pls give anything you can to this cause, I support everything Youthline and anyone that does something to support it all makes a difference and we need one another. Youthline helps everyone in need in so many different ways and is 100% volunteer based meaning they do it for free out of pure care! and we need more help and care in Aotearoa like this. We are loosing too many of our precious people. 
Heaps of info, call lines, therapy, councelling, assistance, help places etc on their website NZ wide!!! 24/7 !
Let's keep our friends, family, peers and youth loved and Alive.

Thank you if you feel this and can do anything at all to support, whether that's sharing this, donating or calling/telling/showing a friend or fam member or even a stranger to let them know they're loved and have endless potential.

Support Youthline and Shauvy here