Hello Fellow Green Girls!

My name is Savannah and I am the Canadian “Green Girl” representing Beauty Tofu and all of its wonder gifts it sends out into the World. When I first met Mel, the founder of this amazing company, we instantly connected with a soulful sister-like bond. This was when we both had decided to extend our passion for yoga and become guides by taking our 200 hour teacher training course in Canggu, Bali. The most beautiful place in the World for so many reasons! Through a very intense and fulfilled month of learning, us students at Santosha School became yoga teachers, and there we created a very special bond to the culture surrounding us daily and towards one another internally. This is where my teaching journey began...

I am the founder of “Sanctuary Yoga” here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A therapeutic yoga company aimed at helping create specific yoga programs and classes for people with ailments, injuries, and trauma. The thing I love about yoga the most is it is so personal, we must allow each individual to find their own healing within themselves and with the tools they can bring forward uniquely, regardless of mobility and state of being. My goal is to make yoga a safe space for all to enjoy its many beauties. Why? Because I truly believe that everyone deserves yoga in their lives, and am a true testament of how it can heal you in so many ways. This belief system that I hold has drawn me towards the wonderful healing abilities that Beauty Tofu products have within them. Mel has created these skin care products in an aid to help heal people outside as well as in. You can truly feel her love and passion within each bottle! I am so excited to be on this journey with such a beautiful brand, that I am sure with such a profoundly genuine spirit like Melanie behind it, will do wonders for many. I call it “Natures Miracle” for a reason!

If you are reading this, please feel free to reach out with any yoga questions or if you want to just say hello. My door is always open, we are here to band women together and create a green girl tribe of ultimate healing of our temples, not only through what we put on our skin and what we digest, but also through the movement of yoga, the mindfulness of meditation, and the soulfulness of community.

All my love,

Savannah :)