I have just applied my Beauty Tofu T3 Tip to Toe mask, it is so amazing you can feel it drawing and working its magic. I am 48 and have used so many products over the years but hand on heart I can honestly say that the Beauty Tofu products are second to none. The results as others will tell you are almost instant. For me using the products at the age I am at has given me a confidence that I was lacking and I was becoming quite concerned about aging and how I was going to tackle my lackluster skin that was often very congested and dull. Not only do I use the T3 externally but I also take it internally as a cleanser. Its become a holistic approach for me I feel nurtured inside and out.  The other gem that I don't think I could live without now is my R3 Serum pure liquid gold, unbelievable. Honestly, I sound over the top but I wouldn't say it if I didn't believe it and if I wasn't seeing the results. The R3 serum is so nourishing my skin has a lovely moist feel to it for hours after I use it. I can feel the dewiness on my skin under my makeup when I wear it and it gives a lovely glow to my face. Again at my age when I have felt so vulnerable to aging it has given me a new confidence in myself. I actually find that I neither want to or have to wear a lot of makeup as my skin looks and feels great. My daily beauty routine is so simple with great results, Beauty Tofu has changed my skin and given me what I so desperately needed a new confidence and belief in myself. 
Gratitude to Beauty Tofu