Today we are joined on the blog by mama, goddess, warrior, business owner, vegan and Santosha RYT-200 Bali Graduate Mel of Beauty Tofu fame. Beauty Tofu is a range of plant powered products made with love to heal temples internally and externally. All products are raw, vegan, cruelty free, ethically sourced, organically driven, made in small batches to ensure the plant powered products ingredients maintain naturally active.

With a business based around the concept of Ahimsa – non-harm to self and others – we couldn’t think of anyone better to ask for 5 Tips on Inner and Outer Beauty….

5 Tips on Inner and Outer Beauty

Beauty Tofu is the brain child of Melanie – made for the warriors, vegans, conscious green girls, mothers, daughters, yogis. Beauty Tofu’s mantra is: Internally and Externally Cleanse. Beauty Tofu borrows from the same philosophy of any spiritual practices of cleansing and purifying the inside as well as the outside.

What we love most about Beauty Tofu is seeing Mel putting her yoga knowledge into her business, operating from a strong ethical foundation and putting what she has learned about yoga philosophy into action in her work. It is so inspiring to see a business thriving from a foundation in yogic principles and wisdom!

1. Take Time for Yourself | Self Love

You need to be okay with yourself before anything else. Be your own best friend first! If you don’t know how to start being your own friend, start by being incredibly kind to yourself. Whether it’s practicing yoga or encompassing a devotion to self and self-care, I believe beauty starts from within.

Santosha’s tips to be kind to yourself:

– Use Social Media mindfully: stop comparing yourself and your life to other people’s highlight reels on social media! It can be fun to connect and enjoy facebook and instagram, but if scrolling makes you feel less than it’s time to step away and…
– Get out in nature! Even in cities you can find a patch of green to connect back in with mother nature and allow yourself time and space to relax and recharge.
– Add self love rituals and practices to your daily life. You might not have time for a full spa weekend, but that doesn’t mean pampering and cherishing yourself have to go on hold. Have a long bath, indulge in a facial, do an activity that brings you pure joy – anything from dancing to scuba diving. Connect in the the things that bring you happiness and nourishment!
– Express yourself! Get out the paints or pencils and express what is in your heart, without judgement on whether what you produce is ‘good’. Let go of judgement and do something just for the sake of pure enjoyment and creativity.

2. Ayurveda

Healing internally and externally through mind, body and soul is the philosophy of this practice and the moral fibre of Beauty Tofu. Things you cannot do to the outside unless you go within, and I believe that correlates to “beauty” as well.

Santosha’s Ayurveda tips:

– Start learning more about the amazing potential for health and healing in Ayurveda. Santosha’s 50 Hour Ayurveda course might be a great place for you to start – or you may like to seek out Ayurvedic healers and practitioners in your area.
– Eating: you can learn more about your Dosha type for specific guidelines, but in general Ayurveda encourages us to eat food that’s as fresh, as seasonal, and as local as you can manage. Eat in tune with the seasons and your environment for internal balance.
– Meditation: Ayurveda focuses on the link between mental and physical health. Increase resilience, cultivate peace and reduce stress with a daily meditation practice.
– Dry brushing: use a natural brush (avoid synthetic brushes that can scratch your skin) to brush your entire body, using long strokes in the direction of your heart. This leaves the skin baby soft, while also promoting better health by helping the lymphatic system remove toxins.

3. Ahimsa

I do not believe there is absolutely any need to use animal products on our skin and in general. All life including animals is sacred. Beauty Tofu products are created with no animals being harmed in process and I firmly stand by this philosophy throughout my daily life.

Santosha’s Ahimsa tips:

– Start to become conscious of the impact of your everyday choices on mother earth and all beings.
– Make small, simple, sustainable choices to begin with, to build better habits.
– Ahimsa begins with the self; we can be our own worse critic – some thoughts we have towards ourselves can be crueler than anything we would ever imagine saying out loud towards others! Start observing your ‘self talk’ – and replace judgement and criticism with the same understanding and compassion you would offer a friend.
– Read more about Ahimsa on our Santosha blog.

4. Beautiful skin begins with beautiful, clean skincare

Our skin is our biggest organ, and we absorb up to 70% of the ingredients from our products every day. Precious raw, natural, and organic ingredients are a gift from our mother earth. Nature has always provided remedies and solutions for internal and external wellbeing and healing.

Santosha’s Skincare tips:

– Shop Beauty Tofu for skincare made of raw, plant-based products that are 100% naturally active… and that actually work!
– Be aware of the effect your diet can have on your skin and wellbeing. Nuts, avocado, leafy greens, berries, green tea and beetroot are great for providing the anti-oxidants you need for a glowing complexion.
– Drink plenty of water; the most simple yet essential way to keep your body hydrated and refreshed and help maintain your skin’s elasticity!

5. Empowerment

Be curious about the Woman you are becoming, the ebb’s and flows the journey that is your life… own it!

Santosha’s Empowerment tips:

– Look for strong and empowered role-models to inspire you on your journey. Not sure where to start? Visit Mel and her Eat Pray Tribe.
– Get in touch with your own internal flow, start a journal to explore your inner landscape.
– Find activities and practices which make you feel strong and empowered; face your fear and try something you have always wanted to do but have been too scared!

Mantra From Melanie


I’d like to leave a few words here for the community of Santosha…
“Because girl you’re too pretty for poison”
“They called her witch because she knew how to heal herself”
“Conscious Green Girls repeat after me: I am soft. I am gracious. I am worthy. I am love.”

Melanie x

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