Where it all began – My journey started 15 years ago in the industry, from my first job as a shampoo girl which I think if I look back it sparked something in me, three of the hairdressers had dermatitis on their hands and were trying to find out which chemical it was that was causing dermatitis. I started to question chemicals and their effects on us. I then went on to study Beauty Therapy which led me to Paramedical studies where my questions only got stronger, a new found love for yoga and Ayurvedic Therapies changed everything I no longer wanted to work with salicylic acid and harsh chemicals to help my clients with their skin I wanted to create something that not only was natural but active, nurturing and created a sense of well-being and self-love.

I believe things went quite wrong in the way of health and humanity. Nature has always provided remedies and solutions to internal and external diseases and has everything we need for wellness. I’ve always believed nature has all we need. We’ve been able to create raw plant-based products that actually work! It took us 10 years to really get it right but we’re here, we did it and we can proudly say we are plant powered & 100% naturally active.

I also don’t believe there is absolutely any need to use animal products on our skin as well as most importantly knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of our products.

The challenges, Highs & Lows – My journey hasn’t been so easy it’s been sometimes very hard and for many many years, nothing came easy. I can honestly say becoming the woman I am today took all of my strength, courage, and its actually been quite a long journey to self-love, somewhere along the way Beauty Tofu was born. I have experienced many lessons good and some not so good as we all do personally and in our careers/business. I found a purpose with Beauty Tofu it really is a lifestyle/foundation to health more than just a product to me and I’m humbled when my customers feel this too. I’ve realised that its really important to be authentic and honest and it starts within yourself. I’m really excited for the future these days the journey been nothing short of crazy and knowing that I’ve made it this far gives me all the strength as my own woman for the whatever the future holds.

What motivates and drives you to follow through with your business goals and personal development? I use to be the yes girl, yes, yes, yes! There’s nothing motivating about doing s*it you hate! If I’m working on something be it my business or personal I’m doing it because it excites me, its authentic to who i am and what I believe in and this is the best motivation you could ever have.

What does success mean to you and how much do you think success is built on luck? Oh gosh, I would like to know 1 business owner that says their business has been “luck” (lol) Its been an amazing journey and I’m so grateful but I also worked very very hard to get to where I am today. Success to me is feeling grateful, feeling happy, feeling helpful & living my life honestly and authentically.

What does beauty and health mean to you? I really believe Beauty comes from within and that Beauty is different to everyone and that’s ok. Beauty to me is self-care, kindness, compassion, honesty, integrity, laughter, anything that makes me feel good and nourishes my soul. Taking care Internally & Externally, knowing who you are deeply, exercising boundaries, surrounding yourself with positive friends, taking time for yourself and not feeling guilty, resting, eating well, traveling if your heart desires. Having a healthy mind I believe is the key to overall health, the rest will naturally follow.

What does your skincare and wellness morning and night routine look like? 


Internally – I love to take C1 Detox for 1 week of the month & then daily I have T3 tip to toe to keep my temple alkaline & restored.

Externally – I use the Vitamin C 3n1, followed by Vitamin C Super Serum and  I use Vitamin C Hydration Mist throughout the day to keep my skin hydrated and fresh.


I always use C3 Cleanse/Mask normally ill leave it on for 10minutes as a mini mask, I add T3 Tip To Toe as a Mask into my evening 2-3 times P.W (I use this at night as you get an influx of oxygen under the skin which can leave you a little flushed looking! (very common & only lasts up to a few hours). I rotate between my R3 Serum and Vitamin C cream at the moment, face, neck, and chest !!

How do you manage mental health and self-care? I’ve learned to not sweat the small stuff and to really practice what I preach, my wellbeing is very important to me.

Favorite holiday destination, restaurant, and book? Growing up in Vanuatu I’m an Island girl at heart so naturally, Bali’s a place I like to call home regularly. I love to cook, homemade veggie burgers and pizzas have been on heavy rotation this summer. The Tao of Peace, such a beautiful read, I read it at least twice a year.

By Skin Health Emporium