About Noéma — 

Having launched in January 2019, Noéma is a Melbourne-based community that provides the Australian and international market with objective reviews of natural skincare products and compelling editorials on holistic wellness and its relation to the skin. 

Noéma covets the cult labels and movers and shakers within the natural skincare space to share thoroughly-researched and honest information whilst igniting a broader conversation around the products applied every day from a health, design, sustainability and efficacy lens.

With approximately 2.3kg of product absorbed through our skin every year, we think that choosing that next bar of soap should be no light decision.

The catalyst behind Noéma — 

Exposed to thousands of marketing messages a day, it’s no wonder we as consumers are left wide eyed and weary when selecting the products we apply, eat and use. 

Stemming from this systematic confusion, we sought clarity.

So began our journey into body care products, and the compulsive examination of their ingredients, effectiveness and packaging – so that we, as a community, could finally make informed decisions for the health of our bodies, families, and the environment around us.

Noéma's team of naturopaths, thought leaders and product specialists distil a wealth of research into honest, objective and easy to understand content for the likes of you and me. Their words cut through the noise of marketing misconceptions, green-washing and holy grail ingredient claims.

We seek a life of balance where our mind, body and lifestyle co-exist in harmony. We believe that holistic wellness encompasses everything from the food we eat, the products we apply, the hours we sleep, the way we work, the rituals we complete and the way we connect and live softly with the environment around us. 


Whilst skin is our primary focus, we know this is a cog in the wheel. We want to inspire everyone to live authentically, healthily and consciously in every aspect of their life. 

Website https://noema.me
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