I’m Emily, professional green girl and owner of Grace + Thyme Beauty, based at my home in sunny Blenheim.
Beauty therapy and holistic health have been passions of mine for many years and I am thrilled to bring them together with Beauty Tofu.
Grace + Thyme Beauty is not only a place to be pampered and beautified but a sanctuary for mind, body and soul. A place to take time out from our busy days to recharge, refocus and rejuvenate.
Our philosophy is to provide professional, result driven treatments with a holistic approach using eco conscious and ethically sourced products. Beauty Tofu aligns perfectly with Grace + Thyme Beauty’s vision.
Grace + Thyme Beauty hails its name from many pillars of my life.
Grace comes from my daughters name, meaning blessing. To have elegance and beauty, to be polite and show kindness. from Christian beliefs is to have a divinely given talent.
Thyme comes from a play on words, as I want my clients to come and have some time for themselves. Thymes reputation as a healer and protector dates back many years in Ancient Rome. Thyme is used as a symbol of elegance in Greece, where the woman would bathe and entwine Thyme into their hair for its holistic and beautifying benefits.
When I am not in the Beauty Room, I am kept busy running the household with husband Jono and children Grace (6) and Edwin (3). As my children become more independent and busy with school, I am enjoying expanding my hours and introducing new products and treatments to my clients. Grace + Thyme Beauty started with humble beginnings when Grace was 6 months old. Jono was FIFO between Perth and NSW, Australia and Blenheim, New Zealand, and as a new mum life was lonely. Having women come into my beauty room, gave me an opportunity to no only fill their cup up, but it also gave me a change to fill mine.
I am excited to bring all that Beauty Tofu offers to cleanse your temple inside and out to the South Island of New Zealand.