Katie "The Modern Naturopath" is a Registered Naturopath and medical herbalist, qualified massage therapist and holistic facialist, based in Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.
Her area of focus and passion lies in women's health, hormones and skin, due to her own health journey. Suffering from disordered eating and amenorrhea (loss of period) as a teenager, and hormonal imbalance and acne as a young adult, she found her way to naturopathy, herbal medical, nutrition and holistic skincare to heal herself from the inside out. 
Her mission is now working to empower women by educating them about their bodies, cycles and symptoms, so that they become the master of their own health.
Katie's approach is to investigate and discover the root cause of symptoms and treat them holistically using nutrition, herbal medicine, lifestyle changes and supplementation.
She believes self-care is essential in the healing journey and providing self-care rituals like facials hold so much power. As well as treating skin externally with natural, effective skincare like Beauty Tofu. 
Katie is super honoured and excited to offer Professional Green Girl Training, to share her knowledge to women who want to work for themselves to a schedule that fits their lives and families, and spread the goodness that is Beauty Tofu. 
You can visit Katie in person located in beautiful Whakatāne or pick up your Beauty Tofu Products. Read more about Modern Naturopath or book to visit her here www.themodernnaturopath.com