My story is like a fairytale maybe  “Cinderella” but I hope the happy ending is still coming .. just joking and you understand why .. There have been many challenges but I decided to not focus on it. Time when I could not eat, sleep, feeling horrible, loosing my health, sweating in the night, when I felt lost, unloved, cheated, blamed unfairly, manipulated, when I had miscarriage and upset my parents for changing my path to yoga and not material success. Sometimes we all experience a hard time. It is like tides coming and going. Part of the creation and we can’t deny it. I have been having a great time too, when I felt loved, successful, living in luxury and surrounded by good people and dogs that I really loved. There have been many joyful moments in my life too. However, what I realised the reason of my suffering was misunderstanding of a true nature of the happiness. It happens because we often are staying too focused on ourselves, feeling sorry for ourselves and comparing other people’s joy and success with ours especially when we look at Instagram or when someone hurts us and doubt our self-esteem. It comes also when we are in relation to our parents, partners and kids. However, the ideal perfect people and world that you are seeking doesn’t exist or we have an option to change our thinking to have it. Life is simply perfect with its imperfections. So how to live your dream life and what should be our motivation to succeed. All the answers are within you. Stop for a moment and feel your breath. Are you alive right now ?! Who are you?! Have you ever question yourself? We are  most intelligent creations on this planet who has lost our connection with Universal laws. We live in the past or future driven by our ego but not in our present moment. I am going to share with you how I changed my life and still going through this journey. I started practicing breathing exercises, gratitude, opening my heart to other people, helping them, praying and doing yoga. 

All the achievements are the illusion. They don’t make you happy all the time only just for a moment but these practises are the key for your eternal peace and it starts from right now. 

Open your heart and calm your mind. Set yourself free. Let the higher intelligence to guide you. You come with nothing and go with nothing. It is an illusion that you possess anything in this world. There is a bigger power than you and the only task it has for us is to be good to everything what it has created for us and including us. You are not your body. 🙏🏻

May we all be happy and never suffer,

From all my heart with love,


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