We chat with Conscious Business Owner Tanya about why we should choose Bamboo Toilet Paper for our Bathroom.

With the belief that what we put on, in, and around our bodies contributes to our overall health and wellbeing, I’ve spent years ridding home/life of toxic and unnecessary chemicals.  When I had a baby, like a lot of mums I started looking even closer at things. I learnt that chlorine bleach is used to whiten toilet paper.  Research has shown this can cause dioxins a known toxin that can cause development issues in children, lead to reproductive and infertility problems in adults, damage the immune system, and interfere with hormones, which we are then putting on one of the most absorbent areas of the body. Without knowing the real dangers, I thought it was crazy we’re doing it just for the sake of white paper. I looked for an alternative but there was nothing on the market. So as a new mum on maternity leave, I become a toilet paper enthusiast and did it myself. 

During my research I learnt that 15% of deforestation is due to toilet paper alone, as a huge nature lover this was something else I wanted to change. We produce using bamboo which is an incredibly sustainable pest free (no chemicals needed) material. We produce and ship everything plastic free and we have naked (wrap free) rolls to lighten the footprint even further. 

Our planet isn’t heading in a good direction and the responsibility is in our hands.  Toilet paper look like white innocent little rolls, but the with the destruction to the environment and the possible health effects there are much better alternatives out there for us and mother earth.

The Professional Green Girls & Green Girls, even Mama Tofu herself highly recommend this Toilet Paper.

Never thought we'd be recommending Toilet Paper - But Eco Cheeks is in a league of it's own !

Founder Tanya has offered a code for our Green Girls "GREENGIRL10"

We highly recommend this product & conscious choice.

Bamboo for your BUT - All the way x

Get yours at www.ecocheeks.com.au