A few words from Maya

I aim to bring realism to social media. Realistically capturing females and showing raw, unedited nude forms. Social media has away of only showing societal expectations of a female. Whether thats through means of over sexualisation or praising unrealistic body types through editing and manipulation. Yet when themes of menstrual cycles, body hair and realistic female bodies with stretch marks are touched upon on digital platforms it is almost seen as taboo.
I’ve always found myself in awe of females. Their power to birth life into this world and bleed with every passing month. I capture women in their true, natural essence. To remind them how beautiful, strong and feminine they truly are. Submerged in Mother Nature, wrapped in her creations. When you put a body amongst natures patterns you begin to notice how similar even the smallest details are. From the female folds of the belly melding with its surroundings or the stretch marks along the thighs mimicking that of a tree barks texture. Our bodies are art pieces. All unique with a variety of textures and markings. Not a single body the same. 
I want for younger generations to be in awe of our mothers and celebrate our bodies rather than feel shame for who we are. To show a variety of female figures and for those younger to see their body types be praised, for figures with body hair being praised and realise they should praise their individual bodies too. 
We need to remember we only have one body.
And it’s beautiful.
To connect with Maya you can find her @maymaypics x