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Looking for natural skincare?

Beauty Tofu plant based skincare is all natural and made with sustainable, organic ingredients. The reality of high quality, highly effective natural skincare is that to create products which really work, are ethical, and are gentle on your skin, it needs to be considered an investment in your complexion. We know it's worth it, and our customers are super excited to have discovered out Beauty Tofu range. To help make glowing skin more accessible we offer Lay-Buy at checkout. That means you can receive your skincare now and pay for it over the next 4 - 6 weeks. These are high value skincare products to rejuvenate your skin and introduce you to a routine that will leave your skin healthy, and looking and feeling beautiful. Check out our skincare packs below to discover the right option for you, or take our free personalised prescription here.

Why Beauty Tofu?

The Beauty Tofu journey of natural and organic skincare started 15 years ago when founder Melanie De Rata started in the beauty industry."Three of the hairdressers at my first job as a shampoo girl, had dermatitis on their hands and were trying to find out which chemical was causing the it". Mel started to question the chemicals and their effects, She decided to study Beauty Therapy which led her to Paramedical studies where the questions only got stronger. A new found understanding and knowledge of natural products, yoga, and Ayurvedic Therapies changed everything and she no longer wanted to work with acids and harsh chemicals to help people with their skin. Mel wanted to create something that not only was natural, but active, nurturing, and that created a sense of well-being and self love. From her kitchen to markets to women’s centres in Cambodia Mel then met an Ayurvedic Doctor and ironically a manufacturer who inspired her and supported the Beauty Tofu vision. "It was a very organic process never about money or creating a brand it very much came from a place of love and teachings and that’s what I hope all of my customers feel when they use Beauty Tofu".

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This simple and effective routine corrects cells and repairs skin. The Beauty Tofu Collagen Wand helps stimulate the lower levels of the skin to encourage repairing collagen production, to plump and improve your face, leaving it firm and beautiful. The C3 Cream is enriched with protein, vitamins, omegas 3,6 & 9, activated charcoal, manuka and raspberry seed oil. These quality natural ingredients offer protection from UVA & UVB and assist with repairing damaged skin cells to renew the appearance of wrinkles, scaring, pigmentation, sun damage, redness.

Perfect for: Teens, acne sufferers, anyone with uneven pigmentation or skin problems.

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As well as stimulating the lower levels of the skin to encourage repairing collagen production, to plump and improve your face, the collagen wand corrects uneven skin tone, bumps, wrinkles, enlarged pores, scars and stretchmarks. If wrinkles, ageing skin and imperfections are stopping you from feeling your best self, this duo will help make-over your skin to reveal and glowing, youthful look. Using the R3 Serum, you will experience an intense cellular recharge that is suitable for all skin types. Plumping fine lines & minimising the appearance of enlarged pores, boosting your natural collagen whilst infusing vitamins, omegas 3, 6 & 9, antioxidants and natures form of hylaronic acid. Penetrating deep into the dermis, this serum will rehabilitate, reinstate and revitalise, infused with activated charcoal and manuka to deliver a flawless youthful complexion.

Perfect for dry skin, or damaged or ageing skin, ages 25+.

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Looking for luminous skin? That dewy look is in, and we know the best way to achieve it is to go natural, minimal make up and just a healthy, happy complexion. If you're looking to reveal your skin's best look, this duo will help repair and revive while supercharging your skin with the help of this lightweight vitamin C super serum. Nicknamed our anti-aging skinfood, this fast absorbing serum is perfect to use morning and night on all skin types to plump, tone, hydrate and restore even the tiredest of skins.

Perfect for busy women aged 19 - 34.

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As we age, our skin starts to lose it's natural glow. This is caused by many factors such as environmental, unbalanced skin tone, and poor skincare which all contribute to our natural collagen production slowing down. This duo is an intensive therapy for ageing skin, if you need to get your skin to a level that you are happy to maintain, this is the natural, surgery free alternative to plump and tighten your complexion. The results offer significant improvements to skin and with the power of the collagen roller to stimulate collagen production, to the super lightweight vitamin C cream Nourishing, protecting and minimising pores to help reverse the ageing process.

Perfect for anyone looking to prime, correct, and restore their skin, especially women aged 35 +.

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Restore balance in your skin and help your complexion deal with whatever elements get thrown its way. From hiking, biking, beauty babes, to those who prefer inner city life, this pack delivers the products to help protect your skin from the affects of ageing and help you maintain hydrated and healthy skin that is firm, plump and glowing. Scientifically developed to lock in more hydration and provide skincare to give you the extra confidence you deserve. Go make up free more often with beautiful, nourished skin thanks to this skincare dream team.

Perfect for all skin types and anyone looking to protect and maintain healthy skin with a new antioxidant rich routine.

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When you forgot to start protecting your skin 10 years ago and you need to speed up the process of repairing fine lines, plumping skin, and restoring hydration levels, this is the kit you need. Surgery free with results that will leave your friends and family questioning your methods, this is a supercharged routine to infuse skin with antioxidants, and stimulate collagen production. The power of these plant based Beauty Tofu products when used together, means your skin has the best chance possible and will provide visible improvements to uneven, ageing, and tired skin.

Perfect for ages 35 + who would like to repair and rejuvenate ageing skin

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Toxins be gone. Looking after your complexion from the inside out, this pack includes the Beauty Tofu Tip to Toe temple cleanse which can be used internally as a tea, or as a beautiful clay mask to tighten skin and suck the impurities from your face. This product is a Beauty Tofu favourite because it offers an instant uplift to the skin, plus internal care for your Yoni with our famous Yoni potion and hydration mist to maintain beautiful skin all summer. This self care pack for your whole body will unleash your inner goddess and provide immediate skincare results you can feel.

Perfect for women aged 25+.

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Skin problems don't have to last forever, with the help of this supercharged skincare pack you can take control of oil levels, maintain hydration, improve scars and repair. skin. Cleansing internally and externally with the power of natural clay, a serum to restore and repair, and the collagen wand to improve skins elasticity and provide deep healing to anyone struggling with damaged skin and acne scars.

Perfect for post acne, problematic skin, to even out pigmentation, for dry or oily skin and to help restore.

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In the last few months, detoxing skincare and gut-balancing supplements have made a big surge. And there’s a good reason for that: urban living and the average, mindless modern diet are quite literally toxic for your skin and body processes.... you don't have to go anywhere to kickstart a healthy summer season, tools like the Beauty Tofu Bye Bye Toxins Bootcamp will help get your gut health and skin in shape.

Is Beauty Tofu’s Bye Bye Toxins Bootcamp right for you?
-Inflamed, congested, problematic skin.
-Skin with breakouts and acne.
-Hormonal imbalances.
-A heavy, inflamed, irritated gut.
-Bloating, irregular bowel movements, gas.
-Preparing for an important event by balancing inside and out.
-Just wanting to treat yourself by purifying your beautiful temple.

Perfect for anyone experiencing premature ageing, wrinkles and fine lines, breakouts, and just overall dullness instead of your natural radiance. Also, for people with gut health issues affecting their whole body and skin.