Moral Fibre

We are proudly vegan, raw and cruelty free!

VEGAN - We believe things went quite wrong in the way of health and humanity. Nature has always provided remedies and solutions to internal and external diseases and has everything we need for wellness. We don’t know who decided to start using animal products to heal humans but we don’t believe it’s right or at all necessary.

RAW - We’ve always believed nature has all we need. We’ve been able to create raw plant based products that actually work! It took us 10 years to really get it right but we’re here, we did it and we can proudly say we are raw.
  “They called her witch because she knew how to heal herself”

CRUELTY FREE - Testing on animals is one of the cruelest aspects of the beauty industry. We support our fury friends and strongly believe that if it has to be tested on animals to see if it's fit for human consumption/use, you probably shouldn’t touch it, look at it or even smell it! “Scary”, no thanks! We encourage you to check the labels of the products in your home and even at the supermarket or store before your purchase and hope that you can join us in ethical purchasing.

We pack your greengirl delivery using %100 recyclable & biodegradable materials only because we choose to nuture our Mother Earth.

Beauty Tofu FAQ’S
Are we Organic?
We are organically driven and all of our ingredients are either organic, raw or 100% natural. 

Are we for everyone?
Yes, we definitely are. All of our products can be safely used on the whole family, boyfriend, postman actually even your fury friends could use us and we would do no harm! Pregnant or breastfeeding mama’s, guess what, you can use us too! We are completely safe for you to use although we always recommend consulting with your chosen health care professional.

Where are we made?
Beauty Tofu is created in a beautiful botanical lab in the greenest fair country of them all, New Zealand.
That’s why our ingredients are soooo amazing! The soil, the sea, the agriculture and the bio security in New Zealand is in a league of its own. We will be introducing products from our sister country Australia soon. Both countries have amazing plant powered potions!

Can our beautiful glass jars be repurposed?
Yes, yes, yes! In so many ways. Once you finish your Beauty Tofu wash clean and use for seedling pots, pins, buttons, jewellery safe keeping when you travel. You can do so much and, of course, if you don’t want them pop them in the recycling.

When will we ship your products?
We aim to ship your green girl packages within 24 hours of your order. We hand pick your product, hand wrap and personally hand deliver to the posties to ensure your product is beautifully prepared and sent off with love x

All online orders will receive a track and trace code so you can keep a close eye on your awaited Beauty Tofu delivery.

Would you like to know more about Beauty Tofu and founding Green Girl Mel, check out these recent interviews.


As Motherhood is that of an evolutionary journey so is SOL CHARITY.
It is with deep thought and consideration that Jessica President of Qendo will be stepping away as founder to support her own journey in motherhood.
You will always be such a big part of this journey and I am so blessed to have had your support at the capacity I have had.
I would like to share with a great depth of conscious consideration I have decided to share the President of this Non Profit Organisation with Stacey, Mother and Founder of Maple & Sage.
Beauty Tofu has always been so much more than just a product and this is just the beginning of a new chapter I hope can help so many.
Born from a first hand experience in the intense lack of support emotionally and physically so many of us may face entering Motherhood.
Sol Charity was born from my horrific start as a mother due to lack of support from every corner I thought would without hesitation be offered.
I hope Sol Charity can help you as a mother, your friend as a mother and all of the mothers who need it most.
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Helping Mamá’s Pre and Post Natal that need it most.

Mamá Tofu

We thank you amazing green girls for your contribution too!