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Beauty Tofu Skincare Serums will transform your complexion. No exceptions. Serums are made from organic, plant based ingredients, they are 100% natural & thoughtfully packaged so they are good for our planet. Experience the difference for older skin, and for younger skin, these natural balancing formulas will ensure the antioxidant rich powers of the Beauty Tofu serums are reducing fine lines, improving your complexion and leaving your skin glowing.

Vitamin C Super Serum

I am a supercharged lightweight vitamin C super serum anti-aging skinfood. I plump, tone, hydrate and restore even the tiredest of skins. I absorb quickly, leaving nothing but a healthy glow behind. Morning and night, or whenever you choose to use me I will be your absolute delight.

Beauty Tofu's Collagen Wand and Vitamin C Super Serum are a match made in Heaven x

INGREDIENTS Hibiscus extract, colloidal silver, vegetable glycerin, guarana and grape seed, raspberry seed oil, sweet orange oil, pettigrain, lemon myrtle, manuka oil and vitamins A, C, D, E, B1 and B2. Made using natural and organic ingredients only. 50ml

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R3 Serum - Boosts Stem Cell Repair
Beauty Tofu’s very own liquid gold is an intense cellular recharge for all skin types, plumping fine lines & minimising the appearance of enlarged pores ,boosting your natural collagen whilst infusing vitamins,omegas 3, 6 & 9, antioxidants and natures form of hylaronic acid penetrating deep into the dermis to rehabilitate, reinstate and revitalise. Infused with activated charcoal and manuka I will assist you in removing impurities and leave you with a flawless youthful complexion.

Rehabilitate Revitalize Reinstate.

P.s I am amazing for Problematic Acne Prone Skin

INGREDIENTS Activated Charcoal, Rosehip Oil, Baobab Oil, Harakehe Extract, Kiwifruit Extract, Rosemary Oil, Sweet orange oil, Pettigrain Oil, Manuka Oil, Guargum, Oxygenated Collodial Silver. 50mls

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R3 Serum