Since ancient times astrology has given us information from the cosmos about events, behaviors and life on Earth.

Psychological astrology offers a type of analysis where personal growth is possible in all aspects of life. It is a very useful tool to get to know yourself better, understand your energy, evolve, transform and feel better about yourself.

Astrodeco was founded by two friends: an astrologer and a designer. Our concept was based on creating a product in which aesthetics and the esoteric world intersect. 

Product information

You can choose the color (option pallet available). We suggest placing your beautiful chart in a frame. On the back, you will find a text with your own astrological birth information containing your Sun, Moon and Ascendant sign energies.

What does this information entail?

The Sun tells us about the energy that we radiate from our center, it is the one with which we most easily identify. It brings us information that has to do with our "conscious self", with our individuality, our sense of "Being" and our way of shining in the world.

The Moon governs our best-known emotional world, it is the vibration that our Being receives from the moment it is in our mother's womb, and it is the most familiar energy for each of us. In the Natal Chart it indicates, together with other planets, our way of relating, expressing feelings and defending ourselves.

Finally, the energy of the ascendant manifests itself in the totality of existence, which has no specificity and which gives color to all our lives. It is pure externalization and at early ages we cannot recognize it in ourselves. We will live it externally so it is likely that "outside" events and people linked to the energy of the ascending sign will constantly appear, until at a certain moment we realize that it is oneself who radiates that energy. The ascendant will then involve a journey of consciousness, an apprenticeship. Once incorporated, it will be "My new self".

What we need from you so that our team of Astro Green Girls can create your personalised chart.

Our Personalised Astro Charts are something so personal, soulful and deeply meaningful it's a gift like no other, either for yourself or a friend.