Toxins be gone. Looking after your complexion from the inside out, this pack includes the Beauty Tofu Tip to Toe temple cleanse which can be used internally as a tea, or as a beautiful clay mask to tighten skin and suck the impurities from your face. This product is a Beauty Tofu favourite because it offers an instant uplift to the skin, plus internal care for your Yoni with our famous Yoni potion and hydration mist to maintain beautiful skin all summer. This self care pack for your whole body will unleash your inner goddess and provide immediate skincare results you can feel. 

Pack includes: T3 Tip to Toe, Vitamin C Hydration Mist and Yoni Potion


Beauty Tofu’s organic pure specialised detox clay, I am here to cleanse your temple from tip to toe. Whether you suffer from problematic skin, digestive issues such as bloating, constipation or gas, skin disorders, body odour or you’re simply just wanting to flush the toxins and impurities our bodies so easily collect these days I am an amazing simple solution. Time for some self love! 250gm


I am a lightweight vitamin C hydration mist that instantly awakens and adds life back into your skin. I will minimise your pores and prep and prime your skin. I also remove bacteria, tone, plump fine lines as well as reset your makeup with a quick spray during the day. I do like ten things and I’m just one. Time to get glowing! 50ml


I am an all natural replenishing Yoni serum, free from chemicals and created to mimic a natural feeling as if I was your own. Why would you want to use anything else in your sacred Yoni? I’m so, nourishing, lightweight and feel totally natural. I also assist in balancing hormones and P.H levels. We are women, we are divine and we must nurture and nourish our entire temple. 30ml