100% Plant Based, Cruelty Free Skincare


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When you forgot to start protecting your skin 10 years ago and you need to speed up the process of repairing fine lines, plumping skin, and restoring hydration levels, this is the kit you need. Surgery free with results that will leave your friends and family questioning your methods, this is a supercharged routine to infuse skin with antioxidants, and stimulate collagen production. The power of these plant based Beauty Tofu products when used together, means your skin has the best chance possible and will provide visible improvements to uneven, ageing, and tired skin. 

Perfect for ages 35 + who would like to repair and rejuvenate ageing skin Pack includes: Collagen Wand, Vitamin C Serum & Vitamin C 3n1

We are all born with a beautiful natural glow, but as our skin ages we start to lose our natural glow. This is caused by many factors such as environmental, skin aging, poor skincare which break down our natural collagen. Luckily I am here to help! My mini pin pricks open up your skin’s pores, stimulating the lower layers of the skin which will in turn regenerate your collagen production. I will repair and restore even the dullest of skin and assist in new collagen production creating a complete cellular regeneration! I correct uneven skin tone, bumps, wrinkles, enlarged pores, scars and stretchmarks.

I am a supercharged lightweight vitamin C super serum anti-aging skinfood. I plump, tone, hydrate and restore even the tiredest of skins. I absorb quickly, leaving nothing but a healthy glow behind. Morning and night, or whenever you choose to use me I will be your absolute delight. 50ml

Sunrise and sunset you need me in your life! I am a gentle yet fully loaded vitamin C skinfood. I am here to cleanse dirt and makeup from your base, unclog your pores and remove dead skin with my slight walnut grain. I will enrich your skin with essential antioxidants that aid in restoring and repairing all skin types such as dull, dry, oily or problematic. . .I would love to work with all of you. Use me once a week as a mask to regenerate your best complexion yet. I am a gentle yet fully loaded vitamin c skinfood. Use me as a cleanser, exfoliant or mask. 120mg

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