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Vitamin C Hydration Mist, Vitamin C Cream & Vitamin C 3n1
Perfect for anti-aging and to restore skin.


I am a lightweight vitamin C hydration mist that instantly awakens and adds life back into your skin. I will minimise your pores and prep and prime your skin. I also remove bacteria, tone, plump fine lines as well as reset your makeup with a quick spray during the day. I do like ten things and I’m just one. Time to get glowing! 50ml


Hey, I’m amazing! Let me tell you what I do. I prime, I correct, I restore, I nourish, I protect, I minimise pores, I plump fine lines and I even out pigmentation. I am a supercharged vitamin C antioxidant that you can leave on all day, you won’t even know I’m here. Use me morning and night. Don’t forget I’d love for you to use me around your eyes, neck and chest too. Once you use me I know we’ll be together forever, I will be your new addiction. 65 g


Sunrise and sunset you need me in your life! I am a gentle yet fully loaded vitamin C skinfood. I am here to cleanse dirt and makeup from your base, unclog your pores and remove dead skin with my slight walnut grain. I will enrich your skin with essential antioxidants that aid in restoring and repairing all skin types such as dull, dry, oily or problematic. . .I would love to work with all of you. Use me once a week as a mask to regenerate your best complexion yet. I am a gentle yet fully loaded vitamin c skinfood. Use me as a cleanser, exfoliant or mask. 120mg

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